MyABC (Lite): Write & Learn alphabets and letter sounds 5.1

MyABC (Lite): Write & Learn alphabets and letter sounds 5.1


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Date Added:13 March, 2014

Author: PlaySmart-Kids

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Enjoy learning ABCs letters, letter sounds (phonetic) and picture words of A-H sign language (ASL), animals and food, including learn how to write ABCs. There're lots of fun games to help your child learn ABCs (i.e, puzzle games, 12 matching games, 4 square face games, alphabet sorting game and 3 recognizing pattern games). This is just the lite version, so your child can learn more alphabet (A-Z) and create your own ABC's word sets, images, and sounds in the full version. The app is an universal app that means you can install it in your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.


1. Alphabet Fun : Learn lowercase and uppercase ABCs letters, letter sounds and words with pictures
? Your child will learn alphabet (A-H, a-h), and letter sound (/a/-/h/) and the picture word associated with the letter at the same time.
? Provide 3 set of ABCs words; Animals, Food and Sign Language (ASL).
? Provide interface to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters.
? Improvement: Your child can change between different categories such as food, animals easily while learning the alphabet.

2. Alphabet Writing : Learn how to write uppercase and lowercase letters (A-H, a-h)
? Writing with help: Stroke by stroke animations demonstrate how to draw letters, and a œREAL-TIME tracing guide provides tactile experience.
? Challenge Writing: Disabling the tracing guide encourages kids to draw letters independently.

3. Recognizing Pattern Games
? Provide an alphabet sorting game and 3 different pattern recognition games. These games not only help your child to recognize the letters and shapes, they also teach your child to sort alphabet and group the patterned objects. This is just the lite version of The Moofy Recognizing Patterns game, so your child can learn more pattern sequences in the full version.

4. Square Face Games (Finding Games)
? These are multiple choice style games. We provide 4 different square face games. Your child will practice and learn to identify letters, picture words and letter sounds. This is a great game to improve letter, letter sound or object (picture) awareness.

5. Matching Games (Memory Games)
? Provide 12 different matching games for kids to learn and memorize lowercase or uppercase letters, letter sounds, words or picture words (i.e, match lowercase and uppercase letters, match letters to letter sounds, match letters to picture words, or match words to their pictures etc.). It is a great game to improve letter recognition skills.

6. Puzzle Games
? Simply move the puzzle pieces around by dragging them with the finger.
? There are up to 3 levels according to number of puzzle pieces;
Easy (2x3), Harder (3x3) and Challenge (3x4)

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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